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What Do We Do?

Join us on the journey of Making India the Global Capital of Intellectual Property.

There’s little doubt that research skills are gaining importance with students all over the world. Digital India needs skills ranging from computing, statistics, mathematics, critical thinking, and an innovative mindset. Publishsutra believes in truly empowering the students by imparting new age research skills.

Start developing in-demand Critical, Analytical, Computational and Design thinking skills and learn to drive better research output by leveraging the power of data.

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How do we do it

We provide a customized service to cater the needs of every individual who seeks our help to grow, providing the best source in order to deliver the quality services.

Our Offerings:
  • Research Consulting and Development
  • Research Support for Startups.
  • Research Paper Publication Support
  • Trainings: Student Research Program(SRP),FDP(Faculty Research Program),Working Professional Research Program(WPRP), Social Design Thinking(SDT), Creative Content Writing(CCW)
  • Social Research & Entrepreneurship Program(SREP)
  • Career Assistance
  • IT solutions

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Why Do we Do It

We work for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our planet faces massive economic, social and environmental challenges. Thus SDGs come into play by providing organizations with a powerful framework to translate global needs and ambitions into business solutions.

We at Publishsutra works with Students/ Researchers/ Entrepreneurs/ Corporate unlock opportunities. Because there should be a radical transformation that is required to deliver the Global Goals, allowing business to demonstrate leadership and apply its creativity to innovate for a more sustainable and inclusive future…

  • Working with trusted partners around the globe to source and select top talents with big ideas and a desire to create change.
  • Using the SDG framework, local and global insights ignites new discussions and unlocks new perspectives on the SDGs
  • Developing and selecting the top ideas via facilitated business model innovation, co-creation and collaboration among SDG Talents, with input from expertise
  • The best solutions receive support for implementation by connecting the SDG Talents to capital, corporate partners, technology, and local networks
  • Through regional events, sharing platform, and alumni network a broader community of global talent is developed
  • Our vision is to build the world’s leading initiative and platform for innovative, implementable and scalable solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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CRAF Fellowship Program

Computational Research and Analysis Fellowship
If you are sincere, highly motivated and fully dedicated to academic pursuits, join us to develop the pertinent skills to solve the global problems and publish research papers. Computational Research and Analysis Fellowship By Publishsutra will help you to develop a research mindset by enhancing computational, analytical and critical thinking skills, forging an evaluative approach to formulate unbiased opinions, structuring problems through an experimental design, navigating large data sets, and Statistical skills; everything it takes to publish a research paper.
  • Develop Critical Thinking with Rationale and Argument Mapping
  • Apply modern experimental techniques for your research project
  • Unravel Statistical Mysteries while Implementing Statistical tools
  • Customize your learning pathway from mentors
  • Validate your skills with experiential learning

August 2020 Cohort Applications closed

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Hire Our Scholars:

Want to know the brilliant minds we produced and trained? Check out the smart minds who worked, interned and learned with us? Also, know how their experience was. 

We, at Publishsutra, believe and prioritize opportunities. With an aim of helping various startups by providing them a skilled workforce for the organization and also helping our scholars find their right fit opportunity for being ambitious and advanced. 

If you are looking for any intelligent, skilled and talented brains for your project or organization; don't worry, Here are the Researchpreneurs you have been searching for who might be delighted to work with you...

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We are looking for the people who generously deliberate their time, work, experience, and expertise towards the betterment of our services. They usually gain training and brief to our designated senior staff. If you are an engineer, developer, educator, designer, or simply a tech enthusiast, you are welcomed into our team of high performing and the amazing team who are working towards the vision of better Research and Education. We believe in: Honesty, flexibility, responsibility, and accountability. Our work culture is something that we are really proud of.

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"Alone we can do so little, together we can did so much."

We are a team and always have been an ideal one. Meet our amazing people who have been working behind the success of Publishsutra. These are the change agents who are working towards the mission of making India as the capital of intellectual property.

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Worked With

Be together, Work together

Our Organization will get bigger wings if governments/companies/institutions like you who have the same motto which is to foster the Research & innovation-driven economy in India. Your guidance & support will definitely add value to the system.

Meet Our Amazing partners that we have worked with by clicking the “Meet them” below.


The Visionary:

Publishsutra is founded by a group of Indian research scholars from University of Massachusetts - USA along with few technology thought leaders to bring a change in the current research system in India. We drive by an accomplishing motto of introducing the process and importance of the research work in India.

There is no subject without experiments, and there is no Expertise without research. Research works show an impeccable dedication and perseverance in your respective field, no matter what field you intrigue & educate in.

Publishsutra aims to give you a reinforcing platform to Explore, Write and Publish your own research work with the help of BEST known Professors making your work worthy and Up-Top!

Join us on the journey of making India the global capital of intellectual property...

PUBLISHSUTRA's Schools of the Future.

School Of Research is an initiative by Publishsutra to foster the culture of the research & innovation ecosystem by training the young minds who are intrigued by the thought of research and driven by the break-through innovation Research is a persistent process of assembling information from essential or direct sources or utilizing existing information for a better resolution.

The School Of Research[SOR] is an exemplary research community with prominent enthusiasm of research and development. In spite of the fact that the term frequently infers scientific research, the SOR is open to each and every learner who is intrigued by the thought of insightful subject knowledge, and authentic Research purposes.

Publishsutra's School Of Research

In this digital era, careers across industries are going through a metamorphosis. As the world is growing and developing, so are the trends in job sectors. Skills of the future include automation, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media management, and data sciences which all play an equal role under Technology.

The concept of Sustainability is the one School Of Technology is always focused on. Though the world is endeavoring into the more cutting edge technologies, we acknowledge the fact and theory of sustainability. We train our students to pursue their expertise in any sector but most importantly concentrate on the sustainability of it.

The School Of Technology (SOT) has now embarked on this mission and is taking numerous essential initiatives to produce its academy all the core and contemporary requirements of industries and society. This need-based approach has already been put up in The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Publishsutra's School Of Technology

Innovation is the key to everything in the future. We, the team of Publishsutra, consistently contribute our efforts for being in the course towards the visionary of Future. The School Of Innovation plans to cultivate and foster talent in rising innovators and their cutting edge advancements to bring evolution for the diverse ambitious students.

The spirit of the School Of Innovation by Publishsutra is driven by the motivation in the creation of a knowledge pathway dedicated to scholars to obtain expertise in exploring and inspiring students to develop break-through technologies and graduate to the industry with skills to get jobs or become entrepreneurs.

Publishsutra's School Of Innovation

Entrepreneurship is a significant and essential motive of any economy and market. And amidst the growing contentious scenario, the momentum on entrepreneurship is even greater. The School Of Entrepreneurship strives to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial culture and innovative education. We bring you the most inspiring facilitators of entrepreneurship who are not only instructors, but also successful, entrepreneurs sharing their knowledge and experiences with young and motivated people.

The SOE works towards the growth of the students' innovative ideas and bridging them from lab to market. They train you how to face, tackle, and overcome the hurdles in the process of empowering your startup ideas and learn how to create your business!

Publishsutra's School Of Entrepreneurship

Everything in the world starts with the structural definitions of its Skeleton. There is no physical structure without the fictional cognitive structure we create in our minds. Design is growing to be a necessity for every minute thing around us.

The School Of Design prepares rookies several courses like Design thinking and so on making such unique and influential programs handpicked, designed, and brought to the students by the experienced faculties with cognizant minds.

The School of Design is seen to be fast-growing and one of the most important sectors in the coming future. The programs are about creativity for the need and purpose; training students to be design leaders who address real-world challenges through corresponding high levels of creativity and technical capability with contextual insight.

Publishsutra's School Of Design